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Lawn Care

Highmark Lawn & Landscape offers a full range of lawn care services to handle all of your lawn care needs. Let our team take care of your lawn & landscape from start to finish with seeding, aeration, weed control, fertilization, mowing, dethatching, plant and flower care/maintenance and everything in between. Check out each of the lawn care services we offer below, including our weekly or seasonal maintenance programs.

Weekly and Seasonal Maintenance Programs

Highmark Lawn & Landscape offers two outstanding residential maintenance programs which ensure that our clients’ landscape investment is properly maintained. Read about each one below to see which one best fits your needs.

The weekly program is designed for those who expect proper horticultural care of their exterior landscape.  A specially trained crew will be on site each week to perform the following lawn care services:

  • Hand pruning of ornamental plant material (some shearing may be performed)
  • Ground cover control e.g. ivy, vinca
  • Insect and disease control
  • Weed control
  • Hand weeding
  • Tree maintenance e.g. raising canopy and maintaining proper form (up to 10 ft)
  • Fertilization of plant material
  • Edging
  • Leaf removal
  • Cleanup of landscaped areas each visit
  • Aerate and overseed of cool season turf in fall (fescue)
  • Scalping of warm season turf in spring (Bermuda)
  • Irrigation system start up, shut down, and monitoring
  • Fertilization and weed control of turf area
  • Mowing of all turf area

The seasonal program offers a solution for our clients who do not have a need for our weekly lawn care maintenance program. A specially trained crew will perform all the seasonal service functions which are as follows:

  • Deep hand pruning
  • Ground cover control (e.g. ivy, vinca)
  • Hand weeding
  • General landscape cleanup

How Much Does Lawn Care Cost?

The price of lawn care varies depending on the size on lawn, services needed, and how often those service will be performed. The average cost of lawn care is $35 – $55 but the ultimate factor is the size of the property. The price will go up as more services are added to suit your lawn care needs.


Winter recovery & heavy traffic can leave your lawn with compacted soil and dense thatch, which blocks nutrients, water and air from the root zone. This leads to dead spots, unsightly patches & thinning turf. Aeration can help.

Regular feeding and weed management allow your turf investment to reach its full potential.

  • Thick, healthy grass discourages weed penetration, making them easier to control year after year
  • Balanced, seasonally-timed nutrition keeps your turf green & better able to resist stress, drought and wear
  • Guaranteed results & expert horticultural advice ensure that your lawn maintenance budget is well spent
  • Proactive turf assessment helps identify potential issues before they become costly problems
  • Licensed and trained lawn specialists ensure that all applications are fully compliant with ever-changing environmental regulations

Pest Control

Our technicians will identify the insects most likely to invade your home’s interior. Highmark Lawn & Landscape’s trained technicians use a proven, regular maintenance strategy to protect your home and family from bugs and the diseases they carry.

Our Perimeter Pest Control Services are applied to the exterior of your home. We treat your home’s foundation and other areas of entry to create a protective barrier that insects and bugs will avoid. You never need to worry about any treatments being sprayed in your home. This also means you don’t need to be home for our technicians to do their job.


Fertilization is an essential part of a comprehensive lawn care plan. Not only is a well-fertilized lawn healthier and greener, it is also far better at preventing weed infestation, disease, and drought. As an added bonus, healthy lawns give back to the environment by producing oxygen, cooling the air during hot weather, and trapping and absorbing urban dust and pollution.

With your lawn’s nutrition in mind, Highmark recommends our proprietary 65 percent slow-release, granular fertilizer. Our premium, golf course-quality mixture feeds your lawn gradually, and only when it needs it. This allows grass plants to feed over an extended period of up to 8 weeks, rather than feast all at once.

Our exclusive, high-quality blend is made from naturally-occurring ingredients that aid in plant growth, keep grass looking green and healthy, assist in root development, and increase winter hardiness and resistance to disease and drought. 


Proper lawn mowing techniques are absolutely essential to an Ecology Friendly Lawn, so if you’re going to do it, it’s important to do it right.

Here are some quick pointers:

  • Never cut more than 1/3 of the leaf blade
  • Mow in different patterns to avoid rutting or tire marks
  • Mow when the lawn is dry
  • Sharpen the mower blade regularly
  • Make your last cut before Winter short

As the intensity of heat changes during the growing season, so will the rate at which your lawn grows. It’s necessary to change the frequency of cutting depending on the season, so talk to your lawn care technician at Highmark for the best recommendations for your lawn.


Highmark’s tailored premium seed blends and mixes meet rigid specifications for quality, purity and performance, delivering exceptional results and turf that stands out.

Here are the ways Highmark’s tailored seed blends and mixes are superior:

  • Exceeds Certified designation
  • Guaranteed germination rate greater than 85%
  • Product mixes well with existing turf color
  • Turf aggressiveness to “self repair” and compete with invasion of weeds
  • At least 98% purity rating
  • Less than .09% weed or crop seed
  • Free of undesirable coarse grasses
  • Designed and tailored specifically to rigid Highmark specifications
  • Seed held to the highest genetic and mechanical quality standards in the industry

Weed Control

Weeds compete with desirable lawn grasses for water, space, light and nutrients. They are very aggressive and can easily take over a lawn if not kept in check. Protect your investment with a customized weed control program that will help to control unsightly broadleaf weeds.

Weed control – combined with regular fertilization, proper mowing and correct watering practices – will keep your grass thriving while weeds disappear. 

Weed control programs may involve both preemergent and postemergent applications to prevent spring weed emergence and to control pervasive weeds in the summer. Highmark’s equipment is calibrated to apply the proper amount of product to eliminate weeds. Contact treatments are made at peak germination periods of broadleaf weeds. The control product must contact leaf surface of the plant to be effective.

Weed control products used by Highmark are tested and are applied by licensed, trained professionals. 


Everyone wants a thick and healthy lawn. Overseeding is the practice of adding new grass seed into a lawn, to introduce new endophyte-enhanced grass species that require less water, less fertilizer, resist insects, disease pressures, and discourage weed infestations.

Overseeding is recommended annually for every lawn, even the best conditioned.

For lawns that are thin, weak, and have minor areas of concern, overseeding works wonders. New grass seed assists in thickening up these areas before they continue to worsen and problems arise, and continually adding new grass seed replaces older, tired grass to keep it healthy and robust.

Spring and Fall are usually the best times to plant grass seed, since soil and air temperatures are warm and natural rainfall is usually common. These beneficial growing conditions help ensure optimal seed germination and make establishment much more successful.

The most important rule to follow when establishing new grass seed is this: “if the seed dries, it dies.”  Water is essential, and without it the seed cannot germinate. Maintaining a light frequent watering schedule multiple times a day until the grass fully establishes is vital to ensure the seed stays moist and doesn’t dry out.

Depending on the grass species, it can take weeks or months to fully establish new seedlings. Special aftercare and mowing practices are required during establishment, since new seedlings are tender and can be easily damaged if mowing frequency and mowing height are not adjusted. It’s recommended to wait 4 – 6 weeks after full germination until regular mowing practices are adopted.

Combining a core aeration service with overseeding is an excellent way to achieve optimal performance by maximizing the benefits both services have to offer at once.


Dethatching is a restorative service only recommended for lawns that suffer from an extremely thick thatch layer. Since dethatching causes extensive damage and is extremely labor intensive, this service will only be performed on lawns with a thatch layer more than 3 inches thick.

If your thatch layer is less than 3 inches, we recommend aeration in Spring and Fall as the best method to reduce your thatch. Core Aeration pulls plugs of soil and thatch out of the lawn, and the cores of soil break down and populate the thatch with millions of soil microbes that help biodegrade the thatch naturally.

Dethatching is performed using the same machine as Power Raking. The difference in the two services is how deep the cutting knives are set on the dethatcher, as well as the type of cutting knives used. Dethatching involves the use of flail type blades that are designed to rip out excessive thatch. The dethatching machine is set low so that the blades reach into the surface of the soil.

After a lawn is dethatched, a large amount of plant material is ripped up from the lawn; several pickup trucks of dead thatch can be created from an average sized lawn. The lawn will suffer extensive damage as well, because the knives will not only rip out the thatch, but also rip out a large percentage of the healthy grass plants. The growing points of a grass plant are at the base of the plant, and a lot of the growing points are damaged when a lawn is dethatched.

Since dethatching causes a lot of damage, it creates a lawn that is thin, brown, and beat up. Because of this, we strongly recommend combining our Dethatching service with Overseeding.

Overseeding ensures that new grass plants quickly fill in any damaged areas of the lawn. If overseeding is not done, weed seeds can establish themselves in damaged areas of the lawn. Topdressing helps the new grass seed establish itself fast, and stimulates the existing grass plants to recover from dethatching.

Dethatching is best done in late Summer or early Fall. This allows the lawn plenty of time to recover before Winter, but also avoids the rigors of Summer drought and heat. By waiting until late Summer, there’ll also be less competition with a variety of weeds that germinate in Spring.

Plant Care

You’ve designed, planted, and landscaped your property beautifully. However, seasonal changes will engage several issues for plant care and maintenance. At Highmark, we are experts in the landscape planting and maintenance industry. We use our years of experience and extensive fleet of equipment to ensure that your trees, shrubs, perennials, and ornamental grasses are maintained properly so that they can retain their form, visual appeal, and health all year long.

Flower Maintenance

Flowers create the eye-catching first impression that signals warmth and a friendly invitation to enter your property. Flower beds provide beautiful color and texture year round to make your property stand out. When you need a garden landscape with flower beds, Highmark is the best landscape garden designer to rely on. Contact us to discuss your outdoor garden design needs.  

Enhancements Maintenance

We can provide any type of landscape addition, correction, or renovation. Whether it’s through hardscape or softscape construction, irrigation systems, landscape renovations, drainage improvements, garden design, patios and paver installations, there isn’t any enhancement we can’t accommodate. Our dedicated staff specializes in landscape improvement and will keep you up-to-date on the latest trends and most sought after landscaping upgrades for your specific industry.

Snow Removal

Snow can be unpredictable, and when a snowstorm hits, you need to ensure your people and property are protected by fast, reliable snow removal. Highmark offers twenty-four-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week snow removal services for schools, government facilities, malls, multi-family units, business centers, warehouses, shopping centers, office buildings, hotels, and restaurants. Our on-call account managers will make sure the right crew and equipment are dispatched quickly to your property, and the snow is cleared as efficiently as possible.


We provide a whole host of both commercial and residential irrigation maintenance services, including installation, management, repairs, upgrades, start-ups and shut-downs, as well as weekly inspections. We realize that water management is crucial to your bottom line, so making sure that it is handled in the most efficient way that both meets the needs of the property, as well as your budget is our priority. We employ irrigation maintenance technicians that are well-versed in the latest technologies, such as two wire systems, smart controllers, central controllers, precision nozzles and repair techniques. Our technicians will ensure that your irrigation systems are in excellent shape and will continue to keep your grass green for years to come. We handle large-scale design, installation, and maintenance of irrigation landscaping for sports fields, pump stations, central control systems, corporate campuses, apartment complexes and rooftops.

Smart & Central Controllers – Irrigation Technology

Our advanced technology allows you to control your property’s irrigation from your phone or computer. These smart controllers and flow sensors allow you to manage evaporation, transpiration rates, flow, water schedules, water usage, and monitor malfunctions by zone.

Weather Stations & Rain Sensors – Irrigation Technology

Weather stations monitor the micro-climates of your property to maximize water efficiency and alert you to any issues that need attention. Rain sensors shut off irrigation so you’re not over watering when it’s raining or too cold. These sensors automatically turn back on as the landscaping dries out and temperatures warm. Highmark understands the importance of winterizing your irrigation systems. From Ashton over to Alpine and down to Pocatello, we will ensure proper care of your irrigation systems year round.

Sub-Surface Irrigation

Minimize evaporation with water distribution below the soil that irrigates plant roots. This is for watering during the day and effective for sod, ornamental flower beds, perennials, and shrubs.

Two-Wire Irrigation

Minimize the cost of installation on larger projects with two-wire irrigation. This uses less copper but allows signals to go to valves efficiently. Two-wire irrigation is a great choice for commercial, industrial, and municipal properties because it is flexible and allows for expansion.

Nozzle & Heads Selection

We choose the right tool for the job. We use the correct sprinkler heads, rotors, and nozzles to maximize efficiency so that the minimum amount of water necessary is used to keep your landscape green and thriving. Using incorrect heads creates inefficiencies and wastes water which can result in fines and higher water costs. We make sure that the heads and nozzles are the right choice for the job.

Full-Service Irrigation

Highmark can build and design efficient, large-scale water systems, irrigation systems, and major landscape water features that will bring cost savings and reduce excessive water use. Our team can design, build and maintain your irrigation systems. Contact us to discuss your irrigation landscaping and irrigation maintenance needs.

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